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  • How To First Kiss | First Kiss Between Husband & Wife

    South Park Gazebo-Pittsburgh WeddingFor brides and grooms how to first kiss usually isn't something they give much thought to. That first kiss immediately following the phrase "You may now kiss the bride" is a monuments occasion and should at the very least be given some pre wedding ceremony practice.

    You are sealing the deal, so to speak, and all eyes will be upon you. Your hands holding each other as you move in close and take that moment to kiss for the first time as husband and wife.

    Whether you realize it or not this is the most watched and photographed kiss between you, the newlyweds. The very moment you two lock lips your Pittsburgh wedding photographer will be zooming in close to capture that precious moment. With this in mind you may want to do a little practice before the big day.

    Many newlywed couples opt for just a quick peck rather than risk an awkward moment of bumping noses, wrong tilted heads or banging teeth. Who wants their ceremony remembered that way, or worst yet it wind up on YouTube for millions to see.

    Great kisses are not generally spontaneous, they take practice. Practice and planning so your kiss is long enough for the photographer and possibly the videographer to get enough shots. However you don't want to turn it into a "R" rated scene with grandparents and children squirming in their seats.
    Bride and Grooms First Kiss
    Planning ahead and a little practice helps to reduce the chance of problems on the alter. Things to consider would be once pronounced husband and wife which way will you tilt your heads. Being most people it makes sense that you both would tilt slightly to the right. I say slightly because you don't want to get carried away turning your head sideways.

    As you approach each other what will you do with your hands? Hold hands in front of you, place them on each others raise, or perhaps place them on each other arms. Try to keep it simple and natural, don't over think it.

    Other consideration for the first kiss is how long will it last? Hey you're married now, guests will be applauding so let's make it a good one instead of a first date quick peck. Just be sure it's not so long that you, the groom, doesn't smear your wife's lipstick. Make sure you two have at least a little smile on your face, congratulations you are married.

    Following the kiss turn toward your guests and feel free to brighten up that smile a bit, you've done it. Most likely your wedding officiant will present the two of you as husband and wife to the world. Continue holding hands and as the music begins to play you will now make your way up the aisle ready to celebrate a year or two of great planning.

    Some of the best wedding photography comes from a little bit of extra effort and preplanning. A few options would be to reach for each others hands slowly as you embark upon the first wedded kiss. Intertwine your hands and move in for that special moment magically saying without words, I love you more than anyone else.

    Other possibilities would be to place your hands upon each others faces during the kiss. Before you kiss for the first time share a prolonged smile just a second before you make contact. There's no need to rush, you have the ceremony almost behind you so relax and take time to remember this golden moment.
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    Have you considered kissing twice? First by the groom then followed up by the bride stealing a second kiss. Perhaps she would like to bend her knee and raising it slightly just like you see in the movies.

    Rubbing each others noses after your first kiss could become another possibility. Whatever your style and whatever you two feel comfortable in doing. Don't try something you feel uneasy about. Keep it simple and memorable.

    Hopefully you and your fiancÚ will practice how to first kiss and make it everything a kiss could be. Because that first kiss will be captured not only by your wedding photographer, but by all of your friends and family in memories. Now go practice!